Landowners Suite

Through the common room, an impressive suite of old fashioned décor with every detail indicating quality and exceptional experience. The suite can also be booked as a family room.

Old Farmhouse

A farmhouse built in 1940, refurbished to its original design with four bedrooms decorated in the spirit of past owners. Furnishings and objects tell the story of living by the wilderness’ edge.


For those wishing to enjoy the atmosphere of a traditional common room, still preferring some privacy, a closed bed is an excellent choice.


Creatively designed and built from recycled materials – decorated with old explorers maps and other vintage things The view is great. Available are 4 double rooms with cozy and creative atmosphere.


Whether on a group hike, a horse trek or just looking for an extraordinary experience, our common room accommodation is an excellent choice. Who wouldn’t like to try out staying overnight in the past, with all modern conveniences by hand? This accommodation is rebuild in the style of typical Icelandic living conditions in the 19th century

“Sleep in a Museum”

It is our ambition to treat every customer as a welcome guest – we want your stay at the Wilderness Center to be an enjoyable experience leaving pleasant memories. The Center’s tranquil and pleasant location on the edge of the wilderness, as well as the very special accommodation and unique setting both indoors and out, will draw our guests into adventures of the past and offer a unique environment on which we pride ourselves.

In total, we have accommodation for 27 guests in double rooms, a single room, a family room, and a dormitory.

While staying at the Center, you can treat your self to a complimentary visit to our bath house, consisting of an authentic style hot spring build from stone like our ancestors did, a sauna and a relaxation room with a hammock and a fireplace.  


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